Through the years, the Society has had many memorable exhibits including Monsky/Flanagan-Men; Weddings and Brides. Jewish Women in Business; Memories of Jewish North 24th Street, 100 Years of Jewish Organizational Life, Jewish Omaha’s Service to the U.S. Armed Forces Gallery Exhibit, Front Page: 85 Years of Jewish History and

The Society created, maintains and gives tours of the Henry and Dorothy Riekes Museum which is an historic representation of the Kapulier Synagogue. The Riekes Museum was dedicated October 29, 1995 and is the first permanent Jewish Museum in Nebraska. The main feature of the museum is a historic representation of the B’nai Jacob – Adas Yeshuron synagogue, also known as the Other NJHS permanent exhibits located at the Omaha Jewish Community Center: Remembering Our Rabbis, History of Rabbis in Nebraska and Council Bluffs, In Honor of Thy Father and Mother; Remembering 50th Wedding Anniversaries – A photographic display of 50th anniversary couples and family celebrations; Kirshenbaum Business Wall, The Person Who Works is Truly Blessed – A sculptural wall mural highlighting the founders of the Jewish merchant community of Nebraska and Council Bluffs; L’Dor V’Dor From Generation to Generation – Photos of Jewish youth activities.