Dr. Ben Nachman Oral History Program

Dr. Ben Nachman began the Oral History program by interviewing individuals in all aspects of our Jewish life. He recorded and interviewed over 500 individuals before his death in 2010.

The NJHS is committed to the continuation and expansion of the Oral History program in Ben’s honor. As Marcus Garvey once said “A people with the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree with roots.” The information in the interviews is a lasting tribute to our Jewish community.

It is the goal of the Society to interview anyone and everyone willing to participate in the Dr. Ben Nachman Oral History Program. Personal interviews allow the NJHS to preserve the memories of parents, grandparents and family members. The stories shared by the individuals in our community today are the foundation for the future. We want to continue to build this visual oral history collection so that we provide our children a look into the past.

A free copy of the interview is provided to each participant. Additional copies of the oral history interview are available for a minimal fee.

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