Life & Legacy introduction

Life & Legacy is a program to secure after-lifetime gifts for Omaha Jewish organizations so that they may continue to provide their services to the Omaha Jewish community for generations to come. Generous and forward thinking members of the community will have an opportunity to express their passion, purpose and commitment to the future of our most valued Jewish organizations.

Legacy Gifts are gifts of money and other valuable property which our generation will leave for future generations. Examples of Legacy Gifts: Bequest in a will, trust beneficiary, life insurance, retirement plan beneficiary, outright gift, charitable remainder trust and charitable lead trust.

Life & Legacy

The Nebraska Jewish Historical Society is deeply grateful to all those that are participating in the Life & Legacy Program. Thank you for your commitment to the future of the NJHS and our entire Jewish community.

Michael & Sheri Abramson

Bob Belgrade

Sandra Belgrade*

Mark and Jill Belmont

Bonnie Bloch

Beth Brodkey

Ron Brodkey*

Daniel Cohn*

Norman and Eunice Denenberg*

Yonatan and Liz Feldstern

Joanne Freeman

Jerry Freeman

Lois Friedman*/ Scott Friedman

Gary & Barbara Goldstein

Donald E. Goldstein

Gail Goldstein Raznick

Kathy Goldstein

Dora Goldstrom

Steven Gottlieb

Mary Sue Grossman

Bonnie Kuklin Horwich

Jon Jabenis

Gary and Karen Javitch

Debbi Josephson

Joe Kirshenbaum

Sharon Kirshenbaum

Janie Fox Kulakofsky

Rochelle (Rocky) Lewis

Mary-Beth Mary-Beth

Jody & Neal (Buzz) Malashock

Jon & Denise Meyers

Robert Meyerson

Gary Nachman

E. R. Newman

Phyllis Newman

Sharee and Murray Newman

Patty Nogg

Steve Nogg

Susie Norton

Alan Parsow

Carol Parsow

Margo Frohman Parsow

Vicki Perlmeter

Alan E. Potash

Marty and Iris Ricks

Rosalie* and Milton Saylan*

Denise Silverman

Harold Siporin

Carolyn “Rocky” Stern

Harry Weiner

Kathy Weiner

3 Anonymous

*In blessed memory

Letters of intent can be amended to include the Nebraska Jewish Historical Society in your afterlife gifts. If you wish to change your letter of intent please contact Margo Parsow at 402-334-6432.

Please contact for more information: